Three Reasons to Use Invisible Fencing for Dogs

Three Reasons to Use Invisible Fencing for Dogs

Three Reasons to Use Invisible Fencing for DogsDid you know that Ancient Egyptians revered dogs as well as cats? While it is true that cats were worshipped for their ability to control pests, it is also true that the Egyptians performed elaborate mourning rituals when their canines passed away. That love of dogs has never gone away.

In modern times, we are not shy about showing our affection for our dogs. Consider that one third of dog owners admit they will call on the phone or leave messages on their answering machines for their canines while they are away. With this clear connection with “man’s best friend,” it is no wonder that we want to protect them. Here are three reasons to use invisible fencing for dogs to do just that.

The Nose Knows

Did you know that dogs have an average of 220 million smell-sensitive receptors in their nose? According to Dog Breed Info, humans only have five million. This means that, depending on the breed, your best friend’s sense of smell may be 1,000 to 10 million times more powerful than your own.

What is it that dogs love to do? They love to wander around as they follow their noses. This is especially true if they get wind of a tasty treat nearby. Imagine your pet getting a whiff of something and wandering out of your yard, perhaps across a dangerous highway, to get to its desires. Using invisible fencing for dogs can help you to avoid the issue.

Animals Will Be Animals

Like most animals, the drive to reproduce is extremely powerful in dogs if they have not been spayed or neutered. It is said that one female dog and her offspring can have 4,372 puppies in a seven year period. This points to two important reasons using underground pet fences, a hidden form of invisible fencing for dogs, is a great idea for your animals.

Firstly, if your animal is not fixed, it is likely to wander out of your yard to find a mate and reproduce. Again, this means that your best friend may be wandering across busy roads. Secondly, you likely do not want the added responsibility of taking care of a litter of puppies. Puppies are born deaf, blind, and without any teeth. This means they need a lot of attention. Protect your dog from her mating instincts, and yourself from huge puppy care bills, with invisible pet fences.

It is Effective and Safe?

Many people worry that electric fences are a cruel way of controlling their dogs. However, as PetSafe points out, invisible fence systems are not necessarily dangerous to your canine companions. While the shock administered by violating an underground dog fence perimeter may be surprising, it does little harm to your pet. You can even mitigate how often they receive a jolt by training them not to go outside the enclosed area.