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Most pet owners struggle to find reliable pet care when they aren’t home. 4-Legged Kids provides pet sitting and dog walking when you work and travel. With our expert care, you know your pets have the next best thing to you being there.

This year we are celebrating 23 years of reliable service to our pet community. Since 1997 we have grown into the largest in-home pet care service in the St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County areas with over 150,000 visits in homes just like yours. We have seen about everything…from our usual dogs and cats to horses, chickens, goats, iguanas, snakes, birds, pocket pets…you name it!

We focus on learning daily here at 4-Legged Kids. We aren’t one of those app-based technology groups that lets anyone sign up to come walk your dog. We know that you demand more for your pets. We know you need a professional who has been educated and trained to expect the unexpected (as it is with pets!). We demand that of our team and provide continuing support and education to elevate the concept of pet care in St Louis. We pride ourselves in achieving industry-defining independent certifications and pushing the boundaries of expectation for your pets.


Employees undergo a rigorous hiring and training process including 25+ education modules on safety and behavior before we can say they uphold our industry-defining Standard of Care. We continually look to improve our staff knowledge and understanding of best practices in the pet care industry. Staff that has achieved the Gold Paw have demonstrated their commitment to growing themselves by completing an additional 80+ education modules including advanced behavior and health.

*CPACO – Certified Professional Animal Care Operator

The Mission of the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) is to bring independent testing and certification to the pet care services industry. Independent certification is an important step for a rapidly growing, easy-to-enter industry frequently damaged by news reports of serious pet accidents and deaths.

**CPPS – Certified Professional Pet Sitter

PSI’s CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter Exam provides candidates with the only knowledge-based assessment designed specifically for professional pet sitters. PSI’s exam requires that candidates demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and prosper as professional pet sitters.

***Fear Free Certified Professional

Fear Free provides online and in-person education to veterinary professionals, the pet professional community, and pet owners. Courses are developed and written by the most respected veterinary and pet experts in the world, including boarded veterinary behaviorists, boarded veterinary anesthesiologists, pain experts, boarded veterinary internists, veterinary technicians (behavior), experts in shelter medicine, animal training, grooming, boarding, and more.

janie louie
Janie Budnick 

CPACO*, CPPS**, Fear Free***
Director of Greatness (D.O.G.)

Melanie Schumacher 

First Impressions & Schedule Handler (F.I.S.H.)

Jenni Slaby 

Manager of Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement (M.A.R.E.)

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Alex A.
Barbara K.   
Ben C
Ben C.
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Cat P.
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Chris S.
Christa F.   
Christina V.   
Ellen D.
Emma R.
Erin L
Erin L.
Kara C.
Kevin C.

Team Trainer

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Kevin D.
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Melanie T.   
Michael B
Michael B.
Michelle G.   
Miranda T.   
Penny S
Penny S.
Rebecca C
Rebecca C.
Sherry S.   
Terry K.   

Team Trainer

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Tracy K.   
William B.
Yvonne S. 

Team Trainer

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