The St. Louis statistics are sad. Data compiled in 2011 showed that 21,351 dogs and cats were admitted to the two largest kill shelters in St. Louis. Over 9000 of them were euthanized.

Numbers like those are why we have created For Love of All, a social responsibility organization which supports our vision of a world where every person can have a pet and every pet can have a person.

We directly impact local rescue in three ways on a monthly basis.
We provide one meal for a homeless pet at your local no-kill animal shelter for each individual service we complete!
Every VIP dog walking client allows us to provide annual vaccinations to a homeless dog…up to 12 dogs vaccinated a year!
Each new dog fence we install will provide a spay or neuter to a homeless dog at your local no-kill shelter!
what our “family” has done for local rescue…

Join us and together we can make a bigger difference!